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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


This group will allow you to post your beautiful handmade items and share your ideas!

Tanya Kamberov

Logistic & client service

Geeks on Etsy

A discourse-driven group filled with geeks, those that affiliate with the geek market, and those that feel comradery with geeks.

Monochrome Club

Lovers of the grayscale

Etsy Newbies Team

This group is open to any Etsy seller in need of some friendly feedback and encouragement, in order to get their Etsy store off the ground!

Rainbow Loom Creations

Welcome to rainbow loom creations team is where you are a big rainbow loom creations.

More Shop Favorites, Listing Favorites, and Sells!

This teams purpose is for shop owners to help one another promote items from within each shop.

Pineapple Team

Pineapple Team- Pineapple Enthusiasts

Active Tumblr Promoters

Gain followers on Tumblr and get promoted!