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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Highwaisted Shorts Sellers

This team is a collection of shops who sell highwaisted shorts. This way, it is easy for buyers to scroll through and find their perfect ma

Appalachian & Stick Dulcimers

This group is for Luthiers of Appalachian Dulcimers, and Stick Dulcimers. As well as suppliers of accessories for building and playing them.

Treasuries by COLOR game

Fill your treasury list up with the previous team members written right under you.

Etsy Shop for a cause

We are all non-profits using craft/ handicrafts to make a lasting impact on woman, girls and communities around the world.

Shop Stats Obsession

For sellers who spend all day stalking their stats, hoping for more views, favs and sales.

Hendren Global Group - Hendren Global Group

aims to be a part of individuals, colleagues, and or firm’s accomplishment and well as to the continuous growth in the course of this vision

New Age Magic Stores

A spiritual community for new age related shops to promote each other and for the shoppers whose magical needs and desires they fulfill!


Etsy People in The Lake District