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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Americans Abroad

Americans Abroad; Etsy Artists & Crafters traveling Abroad! Americans are known for their creativity and free spirit...

African Artists Abroad

This is a team for fellow Africans living outside of Africa to network and share art and craft tips. We are the Etsy AAA!

Travel, meet and greet.

Meet up fellow Etsians when traveling abroad

Thai People around the world

It's a community for thai people as buyers or sellers around the world on etsy

Etsy Expats

For those living abroad, now, before, one day.

Serbian Street Team

Team of sellers living in Serbia, and Serbians living abroad :)

Etsy Lithuania Team

Lithuanian Etsians (also the ones who are living abroad) promoting Lithuanian art and crafts.

Etsy Team Philippines

All Etsy sellers from the Philippines are welcome to this Team, including Filipinos who are now based abroad.


Swiss team is the place to meet if you are a Swiss abroad, live in Switzerland or just love Switzerland and its art