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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

import or add listings to ETSY from ebay

I will import or add listings to ETSY from ebay for 1 day for $5

please add here any one item u would like to sell today

old or new recycled revamped items made from vintage would be extra nice

Make It Yours

A team that gathers beaders, jewelry designers,suppliers to offer options to combine different designs and styles to make it your own.

Etsy users on Facebook

Etsy sellers, artisans and folk who have Facebook account.

Kentish Crafters on Etsy

Kentish Crafters on Etsy. A team for all Crafters, Etsy seller, buyers who live in Kent UK.

Etsy On Tumblr

A team for Etsy sellers with a Tumblr blog to share advice and tips, to find, follow, re-blog and help promote each other.

UK Crafters on Etsy

This Team is for all UK Crafters who have a shop on Etsy.

Favorites for Shops on Etsy

There are lots of teams that help each other get favorites for their listings. I am creating this one to help get favorites for shops.

Angels On Earth

Donations (non-cash) needed for a gift auction.

Promote each other on Facebook

Helping people sell through Facebook! Each Month you are expected to promotion 5 members from your team.