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Help Add Favorites

Looking to help for increase the number of people who Add your item or shop into Favorites? Here is the place we help each other....


Let's favorite each other's shop

Favorite team

we all need some hearts for our items,this is the place to get them easly!

Ten Favorites Team

Love the idea of favoriting a treasury or an item? This is the team for you!

Favorite back the shops who favorite you!

This team is for people who will favorite back other teams in return.

I Love Favorites

All about favoriting fellow members shops and items

Promote and Favorite - Listings & Shops

Promote your Listings & Shops, and Favorite All

Make It Yours

A team that gathers beaders, jewelry designers,suppliers to offer options to combine different designs and styles to make it your own.


Promote yourself to gain exposure on Etsy

Ten Comments Team

This treasury team has been established for treasury makers who need ten comments on their treasury.