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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Vintage Crafts

Join the team if you love vintage and love craft. Lets keep the old crafting ways alive.

Better Etsy Photos

A place to ask questions, get critiques and improve your photos to sell more!

The Etsy D Listers aka The DTeam

A team focused on helping new/low sale sellers who are feeling unsure in the world of Etsy in a friendly atmosphere.

Helping fix slow days

Here I will attempt to connect Etsy users not just trying to promote themselves but to promote others as well!

Wholesale & Consignment Tips

Helpful information for Wholesale & Consignment

Newbies and Mentors

A place to ask questions and get answers from those who have "been there, done that".


This is a team to help etsians who need advice on anything. Just post a thread about your problem!

Mommies On A Mission

Women and Men come together and share there moments and events about the ways they know to raise there kids..Recipes, Birthday and more

All In one team

A team where you can find everything you need.