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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

African Design

All things African and on Etsy.

Etsy Africa

This is a team that brings together all etsy operators in Africa

Africa loverz

composed of those people who appreciate hand goods from Africa....members don't have to be necessarily Africans.

North African Design

This is a place for all people who LOVE North African design, clothing, culture, etc!

African Artists Abroad

This is a team for fellow Africans living outside of Africa to network and share art and craft tips. We are the Etsy AAA!


A team for South African shop owners, living in SA or abroad.

South Africa Team

A team for all Etsy sellers based in South Africa.

I love African Art

Provoke new thinking about African art, using transnational and other innovative approaches to the study and presentation of art.

African Handcrafted Accessories

An open group for showcasing assorted handmade accessories made in Africa. Our handcrafted accessories have a unique African cultural theme.

Afropean Artists

Everyone who mix and create art mixing European and African fashion!