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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Foragers Alchemy

A place to discuss and show projects using natural dyes

Wedding Alchemy

Request Custom Items for Your Wedding from Etsy Wedding Shops

Painting Alchemy

This is a team of fine artists who would like to help make custom paintings for Etsy shoppers. :D

Simple Alchemy

A straightforward Alchemy team - no promos, just requests and answers.

Canadian Alchemy Team

Canadian alchemy team is a way to support local seller, cut back on shipping cost, order custom items, and avoid customs :)


THE CUSTOM ORDER CORNER is the place to request custom orders/wanted items! With over 3500 members we can make just what your looking for!

Supplies and Vintage Request Alchemy Team

Do you need a certain supply or a special vintage item? Then place your request here!

The Alchemical Codex Society: Book Artists of Etsy

Unique book artists who create unusual altered and sculptural books.

Alchemy (Custom Requests) Group - without a billion rules

Use this group to request stuff. People can then bid to make stuff for you.