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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Please join if you like American Girl Dolls ~Hayat

Get your Patriotic On!

Celebrating the Red, White and Blue!

Promote All

This team is for anyone that is an American Artist and sells here on ETSY!

French Artisans in the US

Meet Fellow French Artisans living in America

Urban Native & Friends

A group for Native American artists, crafters and those who support the general awesomeness of crafting. Welcome.

Time For Dolls And Clay!

This Team Is For People who have Loves Dolls and/or Make things for Dolls. Or They LOVE clay and/or Make Things Out of Clay :)

Black Fe-MALE jEwELRY & aCCeSSory Designers for Etsy

A team that supports the networking, relationship building, and encouragement for African American designers on Etsy.

CRAFTS OF ENCHANTMENT Animals Nature Pets Gifts Native American Crafts

CRAFTS OF ENCHANTMENT TEAM welcomes all Etsy sellers and buyers of Animal Art, Nature, Pet items and Gifts show off your NEW creations here!


Our goal is simple: we want to showcase the best of Denver’s art, design and fashion while promoting the value of conscious consumerism.