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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

earthly crafters

This is a team of crafters from all over the world <3

The Ship And Anchor Public House ~Est.1798~

Mondays are Poutine Nights! Happy Hour from 3-6 Nightly. Men with 70's style sideburns welcome!

Historical Reenactors and vendors

This team is for men and women who reenact any and all eras. Weather you reenact or sell to reeactors.

Wholesalers around the world Team (WATWT)

wholesale buyers as well as wholesale sellers are welcome in this Team.

Women Helping Women

Creative ladies helping one another succeed on Etsy

Fitness Diva Outfitters

All welcome who loves fitness, swimsuits, posing suits, fitness theme wear, yoga clothing.

The Lingerie Team

Etsy Vintage & Handmade Lingerie Sellers & Buyers

Etsy Outlaws

Welcome All Outlaws, Nobles, Pirates, Gypsies, Time Travelers, Bootleggers, Gunslingers, Rebels & Old Souls.....