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God answers prayers

For people to share how God has impacted their lives and has answered their prayers.

Artists (Painters) with Questions and Answers

Sharing thread. Not for just posting new listings For ones that want to chat about the creativity of paintings

math question

asked and answered thanks

The Promo Team

This team is dedicated to help shop owners promote, share ideas,ask questions, and shop critiques! It is our goal for you to grow your shop!

Reach Out And Touch A Fellow Etsy Seller - Help Is On The Way

Chat To Answer Questions/Selling Ideas - Get Known/Make Others Known

"The Shop Above You" Critiques

This team is for the people who loved particitpating in "the shop above you" critique threads.

Working As One

Looking for members that WANT to help each other by Promoting , participating in Treasuries, In Need of Help, BNS, & Having Fun !

Concerns & Issues that need Admin response

got questions, issues, concerns that need an admin response?