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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


The ART Team is open to all buyers, collectors, and artists

Nail Art

For all those who work with nails


This here room is always open to all new an old members . Any type of info of new or old pieces of artwork welcome .

Gourd Art

Artist that use gourds as their main material and people who love gourds and gourd art!

Original Art

A team made for etsy sellers that create original art such as paintings, drawings, photography, etc.

Bad Art

If you make bad art either on purpose or by accident, you belong here.

art team

The Art Team is a group of artists or galeries who sell art works on Etsy.

Art Promotion

A team for all artists on Etsy who love to get more views, favorites and sales and share promotion ideas!


Команда арт-фотографов из Украины!