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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Art School Grad

we welcome art school students, graduates, self-taught professionals, and fine art collectors (check out our rock'n members)

Home Schooling

For parents that home school

Self Taught Art School

This group is for all of those artists that have taken a few classes here and there but all that you know you taught yourself.

Kent State University School Of Art

A team for anyone who makes and sells on Etsy who has attented Kent State University's School of Art!

Art School Grad Co-Leaders

A place for co-leaders of ASG to discuss the growth and development of Art School Grad.

Brookline High School

For all the wonderful students who have experienced the wonders of the Unified Arts Building, of who simply enjoy creating art.

European Creative Schools Ambassadors

This is a moderated team led by Etsy admin which aims to help creative students and graduates. The spoken language is English.

Un-teather Art

Artises with No Formal Training