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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Seattle Artisans

A team for artisans in the Seattle area!

Appalachian Artisans

A Gathering place for Appalachian Artisans

Rural Artisans

Rural Artisans Team: For artisans who feel disadvantaged in their work due to location and lack of local opportunities.

The Artisan Jeweler

A cozy place for artisan jewelry craftsman to share...

Georgia Artisans

A place for all Georgia Artisans!

Arlington Artisans

Arlington area Artisans! Group designed for inspiration, ideas & supporting our local community of talented hand-crafters.

ADHD Artisans

This team is for creative, energetic, and organizationally-challenged artists and crafters who struggle with ADD/ADHD.

Artisans of beauty

To build treasuries and share them to support team members.

Seaside Artisans

Companion Team to Boardwalk Artisans