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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Mixed Media Art

Welcome to our mixed media art party!!!

Art Swap

A place where artists of all kinds can meet other likemided people and TRADE art!

Altered Art, Collage, Mixed Media and Life

This group is for those that love collage work, altered art, mixed media art to showcase their work and chat about art and everyday life.

Trash To Treasure

[ TTT team ] A team that celebrates turning TRASH to TREASURE.

Self Taught Art School

This group is for all of those artists that have taken a few classes here and there but all that you know you taught yourself.


We are a team for artists on Etsy who work their art by using several different media in each piece they create.

Happy Robot

This is a team for those selling salvage, robot parts, found objects, assemblage parts, junk, steampunk, or abstract art supplies

Fusion etsy

Makers who combine elements in their crafts

Supplier of Dreams Team

Hail the sellers who vend supplies to the artisans of Etsy! Promote yourself...promote others:) Have fun:)