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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Abraham Hicks Team

For people who are practicing and following the teachings of Abraham, and want a place to discuss it with others.

Seductive Sellers

Our mission is to create handmade products that elevate the confidence and power of attraction of our customers

Positive Empowerment

A place to share our dreams and acknowledge the power of thoughts and creativity, with positive vibrations.

Karma and Quality

A spirited group of creative artisans seeking wellness and wholeness for all.

The Secret Etsy

Are you highly motivated, upbeat, and helpful? Then this is the Etsy Team for you!

Crows and Ravens

This is a team of artists and collectors who are have a strong artist attraction for the corvid

Happiness and Success Team

Clear your vibration by sharing your Happiness and Success moment with the Universe

Rock'n The Noir Scene

.....all thing beautiful and dark, on the fringe - handcrafted by artists.

Moon Mavens

This team is dedicated to all mystic women and men who have a love for the divine yin energy of the mother moon.

Newberry Oktoberfest

Information for those interested in participating in this festival of German heritage and celebration of Arts and Crafts in the Southeast!