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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Share Trade

A campaign to help all Etsy sellers export their products more easily, from lowering customs thresholds to reducing shipping costs. Join us!

Unique Authentic Handmade Artists!

For Artists (who authentically make their pieces by hand) to reach out and help other artists who do the same.

Vintage Posters

A band of Vintage Poster dealers on Etsy

handmade craft team

This team welcomes to handmade craft on etsy.

The Grove

This is a collaborative promotional team made up of gorgeous and successful shops Etsy shops.

Minnesota Old-Fashioned

***Established May 2014*** A way for new friends to meet about the past.

Ethnic & Tribal Jewelry

The story of ethnic jewelry is rich with influences from many cultures. These jewelries are Antique, Cultural & Gothic.

Czech Beads: Jewelry

★★ - Promote your items made from Czech glass beads!!! - ★★

All Things Jade

Discussions about items which are comprised wholly or partially of authentic jade.

Authentic Scrabble Tile-Users

For people who like Scrabble tiles just the way they are.