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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Sustainable Ethnic Textiles

Empowering Ethnic Women of Sapa through education, teaching design, marketing, creating independent makers, celebrating traditional textiles

Create Connect Canada

Showcasing and connecting Canada's creative Entrepreneurs.

Items for children

All items made for children

Henry Hornet - North Kansas City High School - Go Hornets!

Henry Hornet's North Kansas City High School Sell-a-rama

Giving something back

For people who'd like to raise money through their craft


A place for all those designers and crafters who cater to children, teens, and tweens.

Eco Maternity

Everything Organic Chic

Help Emilie Gossiaux Team

Team of artists raising money and awareness for Emilie Gossiaux's recovery from a tragic bike accident.

Molecular Biologists and Etsians who love them

A happy playground at etsy for artistic molecular biologists and those who love them, or just like to be on this team.