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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Beaders Crafting Corner

A place for all who craft with beads or are interested in meeting fellow crafters with similar interests

breeze beads

Everything about beading!!!

Etsy Bead

etsyBEAD is a worldwide team of Etsy artisans who share a passion for crafting with beads.

Island Beaders

A team for beaders on Vancover island to gather and showcase their work, as well as beading supplies that are necessary for our craft.

Beads & Needles

Hand beaded jewelry and hand knitted caps, scarfs and accessories


A team to for all etsy shoppers and buyers who is interested in beads and beaded jewelry

Bead Curtain

Welcome to our team, our team mainly share your items for home decoration.

BEAD it is!

Having "BEAD itis" - meaning inflammation of beads.

Japanese Tensha ( Decal) Beads and jewelry

Promote your items with Japanese Tensha beads. Show it!