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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Birds and Bees

Lovers of Things with wings and Whings with Six Legs!

Busy Bees

Welcome crafters,designers of handmade items. We also love artists, photographers,suppliers and vintage lovers. Connie, Capt. of Busy Bees

Busy Bee

Spread The Love & Favorite Away!

BeesWax App Team

News, promotions, testing, and customer support for the BeesWax Websites Etsy API app, to be released spring 2015

Bizzy Bee Hive (BEE Team) -- BNR & Promotion

Buy and Replace (BNR) Treasuries, Promotion & Games with REAL Prizes!

Honey's Bee Hive

Come join in the fun of helping to promote one another through BNR/BNS Treasuries, Team Auctions, and Team Events!

Sustainable Living

This team is to connect crafters that build products for sustainable living and backyard agriculture.

Wedding Beetsy Team

A collection of wonderful shops run by the members from the website, Wedding bee.


All of the samovar