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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Blog Team

The Largest Blog team on Etsy, if you have a blog, this is the place to promote it, and find others.

Blog Hop Team

Share your blog, network, promote together, get more traffic and build those backlinks!

Proofread Each Others Blogs

Writing blogs takes a lot of hard work and the smallest typo can ruin a masterpiece.

Tumblrs Promotional Blog

Team for our Promotional Blog on Tumblr

Crafters Who Blog

The purpose of this team is to help each promote our shops through our blogs and other social media.

Build Your Blog!

This team is for those that have a blog - to help gain new followers and ask blogging questions!

Etsy and Blogs connections

The purpose of this team is to connect the creative bloggers to etsy shoppers and help each other.

GreenMans Blog Features

A team for everyone who is interested in eco-friendly/handmade/organic/­natural/free trade blog features so we can spread around the love!

Family Friendly Blogs

Connect with other family friendly blogs!

Blog and Sponsor Connection

A place for Bloggers and Etsy Sellers to connect for sponsorship opportunites including: placing ads, giveaways, and shop & product reviews.