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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Blogger Reviews & Giveaways

Gain sales, publicity, and the chance to get your name out there!

Social Media Whores

Let's pimp eachother's blogs out on our social networks!

Etsy and Social Media: 101 and Beyond

Tips, tricks and advice on using social media to promote your Etsy shop

Crafters Who Blog

The purpose of this team is to help each promote our shops through our blogs and other social media.


A moderate team that promote members with beautiful photos and high quality contends, both within and outside Etsy on Pinterest and Blogs.

Interactive Blogging

For those bloggers who want to keep up interaction with each other, help promote each other's blogs and ask for blogging advice

Esty Promotions and Reviews

Are you looking to get promoted to possible customer leads? Need more opinions on your store and products? We can help you!

Love and Coffee

Hi I'm Ashleigh the owner of Living Off Love and Coffee , and I am an Etsy addict! Social media expert and promoter for you!