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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

I would LOVE to promote your shop on my blog!!

I would love to promote your shop on my blog!!

Bloggers of Etsy

This is a team for the people of Etsy who slave over blogs to share tips and ideas, to follow each others blogs and to support one another.

Collective Creatives

A team dedicated to seller promotion via Blogging.

Grow your business through reviews, giveaways and FREE ads on a mommy blog!

I will help your shop grow through reviews of your products, fun giveaways, and FREE advertising on my mommy blog!

Everyday Etsy

A group based around "Everyday Etsy!"

Promoting Your Shop!

Interested in getting new shop visitors/customers? I am looking for Etsy shops to team up with for giveaways, sponsorships or advertising!

Etsy Promotion Society

Same as old etsy promotions thread

Bloggers And Readers

This team is for everybody who loves to write or read blogs- or both! Let's support and promote our blogs together :)

Promote Your Shop on East Coast Mama

Promote your Etsy Shop on East Coast Mama, a lifestyle and Parenting blog that offers Product Reviews, Giveaways, and Sponsored posts.

Sponsors for Fluff Bum Babies

Searching for advertisement/sponsors for a natural parenting blog.