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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

BNS Stars

For those that love to BNS/BNR!

Twist and Shout Team

We are a fun team that focuses on BNRs, BNSs, and other games with fun twists!

Simple Trading

International Trading , Bartering and Swapping on Etsy made simpler and trader friendly. Promotion activities and Games too.

The Fellowship

A friendly group aiming to help each other succeed - working towards collaborations and BNRs, etc.

Coast To Coast (CTC)

This is a teem to get to know your fellow artist/ designers from all over the world.


Anyone is allowed to join our BNS you just need to follow some very simple rules.

BNS/R-aholic Bliss

Where you can get your BNR-BNS jollies, create, laugh, learn, appreciate, meet new people, and have fun!

We love handmade!

This team is for everyone who loves to create and who loves to buy handmade!


We are a friendly group of enthusiastic Etsians!! We like buying, selling, looking, and BNRing...

★Star BNS★

A place for BNS and BNR addicts for some ★Star BNS★ fun!