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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Addicted to BNS!

This team is for any Etsy shop owner who loves BNS's and the occasional BNR! We are here to have fun!

Made by Meg House of BNS

A team for shops involved with Made by Meg BNRs and BNSs

X Factor Swap Meet - Trade, Barter, and BNR!

Trade and Barter for needed/wanted items and some trade/BNR games

Featured Artists and Top Buyers


★Star BNS★

A place for BNS and BNR addicts for some ★Star BNS★ fun!

Mommy + Grandmommy + Mommy-to-be BNS + BNR

Any items for Mommy, Mommy-to-be and GrandMommy ! ♥♥

Night Owls of Etsy

For Etsy Members Who are Usually up during the Quiet Hours of Etsy, between about 10Pm EST to 5AM EST


AAH means to express joy. It is our acronym meaning ALL ABOUT HAVING SALES


This is team for people that love craft, Etsy, Bnr and most of all making new friends!Everyone that meet this description can join ;)