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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Wine lovers of America.

Check out the best of online custom wine bottle crafts.

Etsy sellers world wide

A place for Etsy sellers to chat, share ideas, and commiserate.

Digital Nerds

A team full of digital designers who service the crafters that download our products.

Etsy Wine Time

This is a group created for individuals who are inspired in their arts&crafts pursuits by a love of wine and use wine in their work.


I am referring to all lovers of driftwood whether you are the seller, buyers or just admirers

Chase Designs_Simple Creations

Inspiring simple creations by creative people

acrylic turners of custom handles larger than pens

Turning handles out of large acrylic blanks. Or others that would like to turn larger acrylic pieces for their projects.

Handmade Wine Accesories

unique artisan wine bottle and wine glass accessories

Jerry's Wood Works

This is my team. Yes, I know woodworks is one word. My name is Jerry, and I'm addicted to wood.

1" Circle Crafts

1" Digital Images, 1" Epoxy Stickers, Bottle Caps, Bails, Necklaces, Everything to get started!!