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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Ceramic Artisans

This team is open to all artist especially ceramic artists.

Australia Pet Lovers

Pet Lovers Australia wide, all things we love about our mates

Etsy Woodworkers

Etsy Woodworkers for all who enjoy the beauty within trees

The Wood Chuck

A place for lathe enthusiasts and other wood craftsman to talk all things wood

Women in Woodworking

This team is for the ladies who like to make things with wood

The Awesome Fine Dining Team

This is a team for vintage and antique collectors and sellers who love tableware.

Jerry's Wood Works

This is my team. Yes, I know woodworks is one word. My name is Jerry, and I'm addicted to wood.

The Shaving Guild

THe Shaving Guild is a place for Purveyors of Shaving Gear and Accouterments to come together and help promote one another's wares.