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zsazsa's Boutique

I sell vintage rhine stone costume Jewlery from the 1900 -1980's

Trendy Jewelry " SETS"

This team is for jewelry makers and buyers.


I sell fun and urban handmade jewelry.


So our goal is to grow and create amazing treasuries and increase sales.

Natural Jewelry Makers

A place where everyone who loves making jewelry out of all natural materials, can chat,and help promote other shops and just have fun.


Beads for jewellery and craft

Simply Handmade Jewelry

We support all different kinds of beautifully unique, handmade jewelry!

How to improve your sales on Etsy

This team is a collective of jewelry designers handmade creatives supporting each other on how to improve sales on Etsy.

JolicChic - new designers

New commerce startup backed by venture capital is looking for new accessories designers to feature on the site for the upcoming launch