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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Jewelry Shops

Anyone who sells jewelry can join! Anyone who wants to buy jewelry should join, too! ♥


for people who buy, make and sell jewelry on Etsy :)

zsazsa's Boutique

I sell vintage rhine stone costume Jewlery from the 1900 -1980's

We Love Fabric Cuffs!

A place for all the makers of lovely fabric or leather cuffs

Do you love Jewelry?

This team is for anyone who loves jewelry. ^_^


Beads for jewellery and craft

Beading On A Loom

A team to provide support and promotion for loom beaders.

JolicChic - new designers

New commerce startup backed by venture capital is looking for new accessories designers to feature on the site for the upcoming launch

Charm Lovers

For those who love wearing or working with charms to create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry.

etsy sterling silver jewelry artists

Sterling silver handmade jewelry designers and artists