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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Beautiful British Columbia (Canada)

For etsy members in British Columbia

BC Artisans and Artists

BC Artisans - lets chat about local shows and craft communities.

PGBC Street Team

A street team dedicated to the ceramic work of artists who are members of the Potters Guild of British Columbia (PGBC).

BC Handmade

Etsy Handmade Sellers in Beatiful British Columbia working together to promote and support one another.

Etsy: Island Makers

Artisans living and loving Vancouver Island and the neighbouring islands in BC Canada.

Nelson & Area Handmade & Vintage

A team for anyone on Etsy who lives in or around Nelson, BC, and sells handmade or vintage items.

Galiano Island Creative Collections

A community of fine artists and artisans from Galiano Island, BC, Canada who are working together to bring their wares to the world on Etsy

The Kootenay Collective

A collection of the best artists makers and vintage collectors in the West and East Kootenays


British Columbia

Some Choices Matter

Buy Local - Some Choices Matter is a campaign run by the Credit Unions of BC. Live your values- buying local and banking local.