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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Vancouver Etsy Street Team

A networking hub for Etsy sellers based in Vancouver.

Metro Vancouver Etsy Team

Metro-Vancouver Etsy Team. Celebrating Suburbia.

British Sellers on Etsy

A team for British sellers to chat, swap Etsy tips and promote their work to other British Buyers and Sellers

Etsy London

A place for Designers and makers based in London to meet, exchange ideas, network and support each others work!

Etsy's UK & Ireland Seller Support Team

Welcome to the official Etsy team for all sellers in the UK & Ireland!

Lincolnshire & East Midlands Etsy Members

A team for all Etsy Members from Lincolnshire and the East Midlands-------join and lets have meetings, exchange ideas, selling tips etc

British Tea Party

A team for all you British Etsy sellers who love anything vintage, tea party and Alice in Wonderland inspired!

Glasgow Etsy Team

A chance to meet other sellers from Glasgow and showcase your work, ask advice or just chat about crafting and selling in Glasgow.

West Coast Skilled Artisans

Gathering like minded individuals in the Pacific North West with a positive attitude for Love, Growth and Abundance!

Made In UK

This team is for the most exquisite items Made In UK.Great shops from UK sellers can be found here!