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Wholesale Buying and Selling Only. For Sellers & Buyers who want to buy and sell bulk quantities.

All things Wholesale!

Hey There, This Group is for all things "Wholesale." Join in and Promote your stuff:)

Wholesale & Consignment Sellers

Sellers that offer wholesale and/or consignment.

Wholesale ! Wholesale ! Wholesale ! ‹(◕‿◕)›

For Anyone with one or more listings selling Wholesale items

ShopShaper Users Team

The place to talk about everything about the Etsy seller tool for batch editing and accounting, ShopShaper. Developed by baahar

Before the Bin

for the items don't want to seem to sell

The Complete Bead

This team is for bead suppliers, whether they be commercial beads, homemade beads, or a mixture of both. - Group Buying Club for Etsy

App for reducing costs of supplies and materials for your creations

Lower International Shipping Costs

How To lower International Shipping Costs