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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Glass/Tile Pendants and necklaces

Glass/Tile Pendants and Necklaces are getting buried fast on Etsy.

Etsy Cambridge

A New Team for like minded creatives to get together based in Cambridge and East Anglia!


Support, info and networking for Etsy makers in or close to Rochdale.

Hidden Treasures Team

This is a team for people that love to find the hidden treasures of Etsy and highlight them in beautiful treasuries or other promotions.


A place to share, buy and sell many interesting items and artworks.

Your Little Support System

An collective of friends (and friends of friends!) who are making a living in the art world!

Secrets of myAtlantis

Join the club to discover & gain access to some of the most wonderful gems & findings ever found, the priceless treasures of myAtlantis...


I'm OK...I'm OK... just had a CraftALANCHE...

Tapestry Team

Art can not be printed