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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Support, info and networking for Etsy makers in or close to Rochdale.

Etsy Cambridge

A New Team for like minded creatives to get together based in Cambridge and East Anglia!

Glass/Tile Pendants and necklaces

Glass/Tile Pendants and Necklaces are getting buried fast on Etsy.

Hidden Treasures Team

This is a team for people that love to find the hidden treasures of Etsy and highlight them in beautiful treasuries or other promotions.

Something You Missed!

Feeling overlooked, want to add a new splash of creativity to your cart? Show off your overlooked items, and see something you missed!


A place to share, buy and sell many interesting items and artworks.

Secrets of myAtlantis

Join the club to discover & gain access to some of the most wonderful gems & findings ever found, the priceless treasures of myAtlantis...

Your Little Support System

An collective of friends (and friends of friends!) who are making a living in the art world!


I'm OK...I'm OK... just had a CraftALANCHE...

Tapestry Team

Art can not be printed