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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Part Time to Full Time

Making that Jump from Part Time to Full Time Etsy Sellers


Quit your day job and become FULL TIME ETSY SELLER. Team for UK residents only.

My Mommy Time Team

Our kids brought us together as moms. Our businesses keep up together as entrepreneurs :)

Creative Business League

Group of established full-time makers dedicated to giving support, setting and achieving goals, and celebrating each others accomplishments

Full Time Etsy Crafters Team

Full Time Etsy Crafters Team is a team for fulltime or high volume Etsy sellers to share ideas & best business practices with other sellers.

Beauty and the Business

A team that mingles aesthetics with the business aspect of being on Etsy.

Moms full time job

To the moms who's full time job is etsy making handmade items

Edible Business Owners

Do you make awesome creations in or out of your kitchen? Do you own a business- baking, grilling etc. Well this the page for you.

PBT (Pure Business Team)

Pure Business... and a little fun too!