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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Promote Your Shop, Listings and Everything!


Your Etsy Success. We're dedicated to helping each other succeed and grow. Building and managing a successful Etsy-based business.

Yoyos Creative Jewelry Team

Branding? How do you feel about Branding?

Top Sellers - Handmade

Seasoned and earnest sellers of Handmade who wish to improve effectiveness and grow.

Advertising Directory

A place for business owners to find available ad space that suits their advertising needs.

Canadian Etsian PROMO Team

Here is a place to just promote your items. No games, no rules (other than to promote) Just show everyone your shop!

West Coast Handmade

Canadian West Coast Artisans and Crafters joining together to promote, network, support and build our Etsy businesses.


This group is for sellers who want to explore alternatives to the factory line model of a business.

Inked Etsy Sellers

A team of tattooed individuals inking the world of boring with unique creative items!

We LIKE our Day Job!

This team is established to support those shop owners that have full-time jobs outside of Etsy, and have no interest in full time Etsy.