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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Buyers

a team for buyers on etsy

Etsy jewelry buyers

Come see and share some of the greatest collection of jewelry.

Etsy Buyers and Sellers

A team for all the facebook members of Etsy Sales

Buyers Only

This team is for BUYERS only.

Etsy Sellers/Buyers Under 30

For any young professionals, artists, pickers, and buyers on Etsy that are under 30 years old.

Etsy Buyers and Sellers Network

This group is for Etsy seller and buyers. Network, learn from others, discuss ideas and participate on games.

Etsy Buyers Anonymous for the etsy addicted

Welcome to E.B.A! Do you spend most of your spare coin on etsy? YUP me too! Also a general help forum for NEWBIES with questions on buying.

Buyers and Sellers

Anyone can join, promote and heart away! Please play nice and be respectful! Follow the rules of any games you play in, and have fun!


This team is meant for the original art buyers on Etsy!

Suppliers, Crafters and Buyers!

This team is to allow suppliers with buyers and more