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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Buyers Only

This team is for BUYERS only.

jewelry buyers

A place for people looking to buy jewelry to shop

Buyers-eye view

Buyers speaking for buyers; to buyers; with sellers and etsy admin. The silent majority speaks :-)


Wholesale Buying and Selling Only. For Sellers & Buyers who want to buy and sell bulk quantities.

Etsy Buyers and Sellers

A team for all the facebook members of Etsy Sales


This team is for people, who make jewerly with natural stones ONLY and for buyers, who like genuine gemstones and jewerly

Pennsylvania Etsy Buyers and Sellers

Team dedicated to Etsy buyers and sellers from Pennsylvania

Etsy Buyers and Sellers Network

This group is for Etsy seller and buyers. Network, learn from others, discuss ideas and participate on games.

Its Only Rock N Roll

Find everything Rock N Roll here! Buyers search, sellers promote, everyone add in their favourite rock n roll shops on etsy.