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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Finding Fine Art

A curated collection of Fine Art on Etsy for discerning collectors.

Fantasy, Fairytale & Folklore

A magical space for fairy folk to gather together who make or adore anything Fairy! both Etsy sellers & Etsy buyers welcome!

Treasury Challenge NonTeam

A creative challenge open to all members of Etsy! Great shop exposure and lots of fun! Everyone is welcome. No commitments.

☺ The Lizard Lair ☺

Stop on it to chat, get advice, promote, play general, just relax and have fun!

two headed kitten treasury

What could be more strange wonderful and desirable than a two headed kitten?


A dynamic team of greeting card artists!

Big Damn Crafters

A team of Firefly fans both buyers and sellers. Want to see more? Check out tag "teambdc" to see our items!

Custom Creations

THE place for buyers to find unique customizable and one-of-a-kind handmade gift items.

Lab Rats

A place for Virtual Lab regulars to come together, support and promote one another.

Metro Vancouver Etsy Team

Metro-Vancouver Etsy Team. Celebrating Suburbia.