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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

California Dreaming

We are a team for those who reside in California or those who just love California.

Cali Crafters

For California based Etsy sellers.

California Crochet

This team is for people who live in California and love to Crochet

San Diego Love

This is a team for people who love San Diego, have connections in San Diego or just think its pretty. For all of So. Cal

Ventura County Handcrafted Etsy Street Team

VCHC is an Etsy Street Team that supports local Ventura County artists, crafters, designers, and the people who love their work.

Tahoe Love

A group of Lake Tahoe area artists and craft makers who own and operate independent shops on

California Pet Lovers

Where Californians Come Together to Share Their Love for all Things Pets!

Bellflower and Lakewood Crafters of California

Providing a team for those in Bellflower and surrounding areas to discuss upcoming events, tips, and promote local businesses

Souther California Beaders Unite!

A team to share ideas with, ask questions, and give answers.