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Candle Making by Candle Makers

Group about candle making by candle makers.

Reps for Jewelry In Candles

Have to be a rep from Jewelry In Candles to join

S.S. Candle of The Month

Members receive FREEBIES & the Sweet Scentplicity shop's candle of the month at a special discounted price.

Candle Delight Updates

The popular spine shaped candles are off line until August. Join this team if you'd like to be notified about the re-launch.

Soy Candles USA

All natural soy candles, made right here in the US

The Candles, Baskets, and Wreaths Team

Candles, baskets, and wreaths...three of my favorite home decorating items! Never saw one I didn't like:)

Natural Candles & Tarts

For shops who create candles, tarts/melts made from non-petroleum sources: palm, soy, beeswax, etc. and who use essential oils to scent them

Bell, Book & Candle Reviews

This team is for those pagan/wiccan/goddess related business on Etsy that wish to promote their items off of Etsy.

Otter Creek Candles and Gifts

Etsy Sellers looking to connect in Central Connecticut