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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Motivation Challenge

This is a constructive peer pressure type team for those who want to challenge themselves to reach higher goals with their shops.

Creative Challenges

A group of people with one topic a week to focus on.

Challenge Junkie

Just for fun. I love 'inspiration item' based treasury challenges and noticed that I'm not alone.

Dream Catcher Challenge

Lets Challenge Each Other to make New and Original art!

Treasury Challenge Team

Weekly treasury challenge team, building treasuries for increased traffic.

SEO Games & Challenges

Weekly Games and Challenges to help with your SEO

Treasury Story Challenge Team

Post treasuries that tell a story or depict the main idea to a story

Shawn Wikoff challenge

Shawn Wikoff One of the hardest parts when you are a young entrepreneur is being "young".

Daily Instagram Challenge Group

A group that will help grow your Instagram page.

Treasury Challenge Promo Team

This team provides a fun, supportive environment for ALL Etsians who love creating treasuries and participating in promo activities.