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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Made in Calais

Made in Calais parce que la team y est basée, mais elle est ouverte à tous les créateurs de la Cote d'Opale et du Kent.

Etsy Youtube Channels

A team for people who have or are interested in etsy related youtube channels.

YouTube Sub Partners

Partners in YouTube Subscriptions

San Antonio, Texas

this team is for people who live in the area of San Antonio who are artsy and craftsy.

The inovative way of promoting channel team of them all!

Etsian Youtubers

This team is for Etsy sellers and buyers that have youtube channels dedicated to their shops or handmade how-to tutorials.


The purpose of this program to make a direct sale channel between peruvian artisans and customers all over the world

The Trade Winds

A Location based team in Hudson, NY laying on the majestic Hudson River, The Trade Winds Team will explore new ports and channels for trade.

Supporting Etsy Shop Owners

Etsy Shop Owners Interested in Promoting Other Etsy Shops through Social Media


Nerdy bloggers and vloggers helping each other out.