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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Pet Charities

donations to the ASPCA for certain marked items for sale on Etsy

jewerly for charity

We buy new jewerly and sell it and all proceeds go to animals in need.

PDX Etsy for Charity

Handmade Goods Needed in the Portland, OR Area

Etsy for Charity

Hand-making A Difference! We are a group of people who loves to contribute to the community with our crafts.

Crafts for Charity

For Etsy creators who either want to or already are donating their goods of funds to those in need, and who want to make a difference.

New England Crafters for Charity

Jewlery, sewing,personnal products, Christmas, or any other crafts you might do.

Creative Hands for Healing Hearts Team

This team is dedicated to finding and supporting any and all charity events important to Etsians.

Charitable Listing Team

For everyone who supports charitable Etsy listings and shops!

Art with a Heart

A network for pit bull loving artists and shoppers. This is the place to find artists supporting pit bull rescue and advocacy.