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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Childrens Creations

Selling Children's Creations For Charities and Non-Profits

Everything Children

This team is where you can, post your latest items, latest ideas, and much more. If your having a hard thinking of what to make come here.

Mother/Daughter/Children Duos

This is a group for all of those Mother/Daughter Duos out there that are working together to create shops on Etsy that are one-of-a-kind.

Children Book Worms

Educating the Future through Imagination and Play

Help 4 Children

Charity to help children

Childrens Boutique Collective

This group is for a group of fabulous boutique owners to network on Etsy!

All things Children!

All things Children! is for etsy members who create quality items for babies and children.

Items for children

All items made for children

Childrens Boutique Business Tips

New and experienced children's boutique sellers who team up to give business tips, advice, motivation, and support

Children are Our Future

A Team of Etsy sellers who make Inspirational, Educational, or Wearable items for Children & Teens.