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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Interior textile dolls lovers

If you make interior textile dolls or love it you can be part of this group!

Hand-Made Jewellery AU

This team is for all who buy or sell hand-made jewellery.

Costa Rican artisans

Artesanos costarricenses para compartir ideas de negocios u obras propias .Team for costarican artisans for share their ideas and desings.

Hazard CEP

Group for the Hazard Craft Entrepreneurs class

Online Marketing 101

SEO and marketing Classes for Members

Art Center for Omaha

A center for creative people in Omaha for equipment, classes, and community.

Fashion Graphics at MICA

The Fashion Graphics class at MICA is using Etsy to bring their designs to the world of online selling.

House of ART & DESIGN

Opened in determination to transform public perception of real ART&DESIGN on Etsy.Known for its professional product selection &presentation

USPS Shipping Help Team-Domestic & International

Get your questions answered regarding your USPS shipping

Artists for artist expression

I would like to join with local artists to plan trips to art festivals work I the studio together help each other and offer support,.