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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Klippy Divaz

The Klippy Divaz are a group of sculpture clippy makers.

Show Me The Money

A team of shops who offer money based products.


Handmade In Michigan/ Michigan Crafters

Etsy Graphic Designers

We are a team of Etsy Graphic Designers.


Anything related in owls, owl images included scrapbook, collage, invitation card, printing, stationery, dolls, handicrafts...

For the love of P&P Etsy team

We are a group of Print, Pattern and Graphic designers who all sell our design at Etsy.

Pattern Project

Digital downloads promotion team.

Digital Helping Digital

This is a team for digital artists specializing in all types, from wallpapers to printable stationary and everything in between!

We Love Illustration

We love illustration provides iron on transfer graphics for your T-shirt, Clip art and Hong Kong Brand ANGEL LIVED products

Dark Fantasy Painters/ Artists

This is a group set up strictly for original artwork created in the dark fantasy genre. This can be painters, illustrators, sculptors etc.