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Fashion for Dolls

This team is for anyone who makes clothes, dresses and accessories for any kind of dolls.

American Girl and 18 inch Dolls Accessory Artists

This is a team of sellers who create and sell things specifically for American Girl Dolls

World of Leotards

Good quality Leotard is a half of the way to Success. If you are one of us - Join the Team!

Hipster Kids

For those making items for hipster kiddos and those looking to buy items for hipster kiddos.

Lets get some SHOES!

For those who dream of becoming a big shoe designers and have questions or ideas you want to share.

Sewing and Selling

Anything and everything sewing, tips and tricks for Etsy selling and getting your shop seen. And hopefully an occasional laugh.

Etsy Artisans of PEI

Artisans of PEI, work created on PEI, by professional and emerging artisans


Let's create special things!