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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Team of interest to coffee clocks

Coffee Lounge

Coffee Lounge is a team designed for the coffee lover in mind.

Coffee Lovers

This is a group for those of you who love coffee in any way shape or form! I know I can't get enough of it!

Coffee & Journals

For all those with a passion for coffee and the art of creating journals.

Coffee Lovers Enter Here

Anyone who loves coffee and sells something coffee related in their Etsy shop can join!

Love and Coffee

Hi I'm Ashleigh the owner of Living Off Love and Coffee , and I am an Etsy addict! Social media expert and promoter for you!


Friendly chat over a warm cuppa. Who could ask for more?

All about coffee and tea

this forum for the artist who interested in coffee and tea

crochet, coffee, & Jesus

Do you love...crochet? coffee? Jesus? Us, too :) Help us create a happy, encouraging community.

Melbourne Coffee & Critique

We meet monthly for REAL coffee to hear and share ideas and offer helpful hints.