40 results for collages

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Digital Designers

This team is for those Etsy artist that work in print design.

Art is us

Artists from Etsy: painters, illustrators, sculpters, photographers

Glass/Tile Pendants and necklaces

Glass/Tile Pendants and Necklaces are getting buried fast on Etsy.

Acetsy: ACEO Etsy Street Team

This team is open to all Etsy ACEO sellers.

eDeHaven on Art and Jewelry

Interested in Outsider Art, Painting, Sculpture, Jewelry of all Kinds

Etsy Artists Community

We are an artist community with Etsy shops who support each other, provide positive feedback and critiques and share information.

Painted Furniture

Hand painted furniture and home decor

Etsy Digital Designers Team

For sellers creating their own original, digital, graphic designs and illustrations.

Bottle Caps & Bows

Connecting and sharing artists and ideas for bottle cap pendants, bows and more!

Medium Well Creations (MWC)

Our creations are comparable to a Medium Well burger. Not rare or done well, yet the majority always likes it that way.