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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Vintage Watches

This team is created for the vintage watch lovers, both sellers and buyers.

Pacific Vintage Team

If you live in a country, province, territory or state along the Pacific Rim—and you operate a primarily VINTAGE shop—join us!

Melrose Trading Post - Los Angeles Flea Market

These entrepreneurs are vendors who sell regularly at the Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles, California.

You Didnt Know You Needed This

A marketplace to shop only the cool, unusual antique/vintage items that would be hard to find in a search, because nobody knows it exists!

Knife Makers of Etsy

A team for those that enjoy making or collecting knives

Makeup Junkies

For anyone that loves to buy, collect, or wear cosmetics.

Old and Cool Stuff

It's Vintage or Antique and Collectible

Etsy Maneki Neko Lucky CATS

Join us if you make, love, or collect lucky cats!

Antique Collectors

A group for people who collect antiques of any type!

Zippo Lighter Craze & Tobacco Memoriabilla

For those who love to collect Zippo Lighters & memoriabilla