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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Flowers and Romance Lovers (FRL)

This is a 'just because' team for those that love to shop for and create beautiful flowers and romantic pieces.

For the love of creating!

This team is for anyone who loves to use their imagination and natural talents to create things.

Rainbow Lovers

Anyone who loves to sell/buy/admire rainbow inspired items

We love pastel colors <3

Anyone who love pastel colors... Join us !!


This team is a meeting space for crafty women of color who are natural.


para diseñadores independientes

Jellyfish Fans United

For The love of Jellyfish and anything Jellyfish Related!

Cool Beans Short Makers

We make snazzy shorts to wear and sell :D

Jewelry Sellers, Buyers and Fanatics

This team is for anyone wanting to discuss anything and everything Jewelry!


We are a group that celebrates Antique collectors and dealers on Etsy. Those that have a certain love for Vintage Life!!! HAVE FUN!!!